Friday, March 16, 2007

Tavern Tax

Certified Public Accountant Carmine A. Sodora was thinking outside of the box when he founded Tavern Tax last year. In, what I call an enlighten business model, Sodora has taken his traditional tax preparation from the intimidating office setting to the neighborhood taverns in New Jersey hoping to lure in new customers. I had the pleasure of stealing a few minutes of Sodora's precious time in his busiest time of the year. .

CC: 17th century English tax collectors aside, where did the idea of providing tax services at your local watering hole originate?
CS: I was looking to expand my small CPA firm business which was primarily tax returns. It is hard to compete with $40 computer software. So I figured I had to bring my services to the people in a place they enjoy while going through the misery of paying there taxes.

CC: How has this business model been received by the tax preparation community at large?
CS: Haven't had much direct feedback from the tax prep community. Other CPA's I know think the idea is interesting but I have a feeling most look at it as a novelty and not a sustainable business.

CC: How many clients are you projecting for this year?
CS: This year we are hoping to get near double of last year, our business picks up significantly as we approach the tax filing deadline of April 17th (for this year).

CC: You have a few dates on your calendar, are you planning more Tavern Tax nights before the filing deadline?
CS: We currently have 5 nights scheduled in New York and New Jersey and there are a few more to come.

CC: Have you been approached by other CPA's to open franchises in other cities?
CS: I have been contacted by some other practioners related to expansion to other cities. We are currently formulating a plan to do this, so keep your eyes open next tax season.

Cheers Carmine and good luck from us here at the Corner, keep up the good work.

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