Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What Wine Women Want

Women buy a lot of the wine purchased in the United States however the marketplace is dominated by mostly male critics who guide the wine purchasing public toward or away from the wines they review. How does one breakdown the male dominated wine review world? The National Women's Wine Competition of course. The competition is being held this week in northern California. The event, judged entirely by women, boldly sports the slogan: Wine Women Want. The competition starts today and runs through March 15 in Santa Rosa and wineries from across the U.S. have responded - approximately 1800 entries have come in, more than double expectations.

Leslie Sbrocco, author of Wine for Women, says "It's not about the female palate being different. It's about the female perspective being different," She went on to say "People want to know what wine women want," said Wine Women Want organizer Lea Pierce elaborated with two very insightful words "especially men".

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