Friday, March 30, 2007

World's most popular beverage

AC Nielson, a company that does international marketing analysis, recently completed a recent survey has revealed that the world's most popular beverage is beer. The second and third most favorite beverages in the world come as no surprise as they are soft drinks and wine, respectively.

Beer consumption around the world is growing in leaps and bounds primarily because it is now available to massive markets where it had previously been banned. Two of the countries with the highest rise of beer sales are China and Russia and both countries were beer was previously was restricted.

Currently the US is the largest producer of beer in the world, however this expected to change within the next five years when China will most likely over take that position. Since 1995 the consumption of beer in China has risen by 88 percent. The Chinese economy has opened up and due to the potential of the beer market in the country, a number of international beer brewers built or bought shares in plants in China. Anheuser-Busch has bought a 30 percent share of the most established Chinese brewer, Tsingtao. At the moment it is believed that there are around 850 brewers in China. More large producers, including Carlsberg, Guinness and Heineken, are trying to take a part of this new large beer market.

On your next trip to Hong Kong maybe you can try Jinling, Tianmuhu or Xuehang Beer. Or maybe you'll just have a Budweiser, Guinness or Heineken.

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