Monday, May 14, 2007

Local Spirits

In 1990, the American Distilling Institute had only 5 independent producers to represent but that number has steadily risen to 95 today. Microdistillery growth is following the path blazed by the microbrewer's on the early 1980's and are using local ingredients and innovative techniques to set themselves apart from the current domant products.

Cold River Vodka [Freeport, Maine] derives its distinctive softness Maine potatoes and water while Vermont Gold Vodka [St. Johnsbury, Vermont] uses maple sap to get its hint of sugar and fiery finish.

Bluecoat Gin [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] adds peels and other organic botanicals to emphasize the citrus undertones and Junipero Gin [San Francisco, California] extends their drink with a strong juniper-berry flavor.

Wasmund's Single Malt Whisky [Sperryville, Virginia] adds toasted fruitwood chips to his barrels of whiskey to create a unique smoky flavor.

As the microdistillery industry continues to grow, it will begin to really have an impact on the overall marketplace. If Sam Adams can do it, why not a Vodka or Gin company?

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