Monday, May 7, 2007

Movie and Merlot

The Somerville Theatre, in Somerville Massachusetts, obtained a liquor license from the city last month in order to offer beer and wine to their mature audience. The theater [smartly] partnered with Boston-based Harpoon to sell beer for $4 a pint, as well as offering a 5-ounce glass of white or red wine for $6 which may be consumed in any of the five cinemas.

This just might be the wave of the future of cinema entertainment. As the generation x and y groups get older, their expectations begin to shift from overpriced popcorn and soda to micro-brew or wine [and over priced popcorn]. Having just taken in Spider-Man 3 this weekend, I would have loved to have replaced my $4 large diet coke with a equally priced pint of Harpoon UFO.

If the Somerville Theatre can properly self police consumption and show the city and state that this business model works and can be controlled, I might be able to enjoy my glass of Merlot when Spider-Man 4 opens a few summers from now.

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