Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Wine Counterfeiters Beware

The wine industry is turning to Kodak to protect premium wines from fraud, which could affect as much as 5% of wines sold in secondary markets. The Kodak Security Solution provides an easy method of authentication of products and several winemakers are adopting this new anti-counterfeiting technology.

The Kodak product uses invisible markers that are added to printing inks, paper and other packaging elements, and are detectable only with proprietary handheld readers. The readers are leased to customers and delivered in tamper-proof packaging, preventing counterfeiters from duplicating product packaging. Kodak will exhibit its security solutions at VinExpo in Bordeaux, France, from 17-21 June.

So no longer is it Buyer Beware but now for wine counterfeiters it's Seller Beware, the buyer might just ask you to authenticate that ultra rare bottle of Northern California Cabernet.

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