Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Beer still rules the US

Despite the growth in popularity with wine tours, tastings, festivals and vacations, beer continues to remain the most popular beverage among those whom consume alcohol in the United States. According to Gallup's annual update on Americans' drinking habits, Americans who say that they consume alcohol have a preference for beer (40%) over wine (34%) and liquor (22%).

When you break down the results by sex and age you see some interesting data. Men overwhelmingly prefer beer while women prefer wine. The 18 to 49 age group follow the national averages pretty close [leaning just a tad toward beer] while the 50+ crowd favors wine.

While the percentage of Americans who report to be regular drinkers is pretty flat [although much higher than it was in the early 90's] the interesting thing is the steady growth in regular drinking. This trend has grown steadily over the past 3 years and maybe related to the recent health reports with regards to moderate alcohol consumption.

I guess the King is still the king [of beer, wine and liquor].

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