Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wine Bottle Vacuum Seal

The Wine Bottle Vacuum Seal is designed to extend the life of your open bottle of wine by removing the air from your less than full bottle. When you place the pump on your bottle it will automatically remove the air, seal and notify you when it’s complete. There’s also a digital thermometer display of the wine's temperature, which will assist in serving at it's optimum temperature. While the picture maybe a little misleading, the bottle seal is fairly big, at least much bigger than a cork or standard topper. This item is available at The Sharper Image for $39.95, batteries [2AA] not included

Is this gadget necessary? I say no for two reasons. 1. How often do you really open a high-end bottle of wine and a. do not finish it or b. want to come back to it a long time later [say over a week]? I'm thinking this is pretty rare for the typical drinker. 2. Do you really end up with a half empty bottle of wine all the often anyway? It's really only 4 glasses anyway and for an average couple, this is what you would have over dinner and dessert anyway.

I recommend skipping the Wine Bottle Vac and take your 40 bucks and buy a nice bottle of wine instead [and drink the entire bottle with a juicy steak].

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