Friday, July 13, 2007

Younger consumers

Stop me if you heard this one before. A young customer walks into a respected wine store and is ignored by the staff due to her age and dress. Has this happened to you before? According to the wine industry could lose a generation of potential wine drinkers due to the stuffy feel and arrogance of wine store owners. The choices of wine can be overwhelming due to confusing labels, different varietals of grapes, vast regions and countries and let’s not forget the flashy labels. These choices are tough to the normal wine drinker let alone a new wine drinker.

A study of over 500 18-25 year olds conducted by confirmed that this age group is interested in wine, eager to learn more and are open to industry efforts to market wine directly to them. There is a market for educating this age group who will in turn become the next generation of customers and a potential future generation of collectors. Let the wine shop owner and industry beware, because this new aged generation is coming and that might be going just as fast. You never know, a little bit of education and kindness could work in the owners favor!

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