Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Put a Zork in it

In the ever growing cork versus screw cap debate, there maybe a hybrid solution that beats them both. The enclosure is called Zork, developed by Zork, Pty. Ltd. in South Australia, and it is a revolutionary wine closure with the convenience of screw cap and the pop of a cork. The beauty of the product is it's simplicity to use for the consumer. To open a Zork capped bottle you simply break the seal, remove the tear tab and pull it out with a flourish and you'll hear the traditional wine bottle pop. To reseal a bottle, just push the zork cap back in. No corkscrew. No crumbling. No cork taint. No worries.

Want to see Zork in action, check out the How To Zork Movie.

The product was originally developed for European glass specifications however ZorkUSA division worked with bottle suppliers to create a US friendly enclosure. So how soon before we see the Zork on the store shelves? The largest user of Zork closures in Don Sebastiani & Sons Deerfield Ranch Winery which recently bottled its Sauvignon Blanc using Zork enclosures and Napa's Domaine Carneros is currently testing the closure for future releases.

If these are as popular as I imagine them to be [with the consumer], this could be the end of the cork vs screw cap debate forever.


Anonymous said...

zork sucks. Sork looks cheap and makes my wine look cheap. I will never use anything other than a cork closure as that is what consumers prefer. Research shows that consumers expect screw caps, plastic corks and Zork to be in lesser wines. There is one microagglomerate that has been cleaned with CO2 and has no TCA/TCB. We are testing it now and the results are astounding.

Anonymous said...

with my experience in closures i would highly doubt that the zork would offer anything in the way of oxygen transfer management. also its almost goofy look would be hardly suitable for finer wines. as for the previous commenter any agglomerate cork is not actually a cork at all. it is cork bits glued together and is near the bottom of the barrel in terms of wine closures. as much as i like the taste of glue with my wine i think i will pass. they also have the same propensity to break and crack when extracting them from the bottle.