Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wine tasting made simple recently launched a new service aimed at educating wine enthusiasts about the art of tasting. The new online service leads users through the entire process of recording a wine's information, sight, aromas, flavors, and other details, all in one place.

When creating a Tasting Note, users are taken through a straightforward 7 step process which is:

1. Basics - details of the wine itself like Name, Price, Winery, Country, and Variety.
2. Color - includes a nice color chart as well as menu's for Depth, Clarity and Viscosity.
3. Smell - allows the user to breakdown the bouquet into categories and add specific smells detected.
4. Taste - the Tasting Star system gives users a range on several tastes like Sweetness, Acidity, Finish, Complexity, and Body. Their system also includes notes for carbon dioxide content, mouthfeel and appeal.
5. Pairing - easy check off for food pairs for things like Salad, Fish, Chicken, Beef as well as a free note box for other suggestions.
6. Comments - final thoughts like overall ratings, would you buy again, and is this cellar worthy.
7. Contact - name and email address to "sign" and post your notes. This is used internally in case they select your notes for their online newsletter.

Overall, i really like the structure of the note editor and the easy of use. I would like to see them create a database of wines, especially Oregon labels, which would allow users to select wines from a list instead of enter the wine name and vintage into they system. This would allow better quality control over the major sorting/searching feature of the stored notes and [in the future] correlate reviews on a single wine for a group think rating.

I can't wait to create my new online tasting notes for Montinore Estate 2002 Pinot Noir.

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