Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Bring that wine home

With new FAA regulations, travelers can carry almost no liquids onto a plane which includes bottles of wine. To help wine loving travelers, James and Amy Dias have created a unique product called BottleWise. Their debut product, called BottleWise Duo, features:

• High-quality materials and craftsmanship
• Two insulated padded bottle compartments
• Two liquid-tight pouches
• Adjustable shoulder strap for on-the-go convenience
• TSA-friendly design
• Customizable with your corporate logo
• The BottleWise Unconditional Guarantee

The unconditional guarantee covers nearly anything. If you are ever dissatisfied the performance of your BottleWise bag, they’ll replace it free of charge, or give you your money back. No exceptions. No questions asked. Now there is a company that really stands by their product.

They also offer corporate branding and this would be an awesome employee gift. Maybe I should drop my boss a hint.

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