Friday, October 19, 2007

Beer for laptop

Croucher Brewing Company of Wellington New Zealand was broken into on Monday night and one of the items stolen was the company laptop. The machine itself it not state of the art however it does contain company financial records and business contacts as well as new label designs. Instead of sitting on their hands hoping it would be found, they have decided to offer a reward - if someone "finds" the laptop and returns it with all files, data in-tact and as it was, they will supply that person with one dozen Croucher Brewing boutique beers every month for the rest of their life! This is not a typo.

"So we decided that if anyone does come into possession of it we'll be happy to offer them a reward — a dozen (bottles) of beer a month for the rest of their life," Croucher Brewing Co. co-owner Paul Croucher said. He estimated the total value would likely be about $19,500 for a lifetime of beer. Coucher said he was optimistic the free beer offer would lead to the return of the stolen computer. "We'd love it back. We're at such a critical stage in our little business that every hit like that is quite big".

Let's hope the Croucher Brewing buys are toasting the return of their computer and data very very soon.

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