Monday, October 15, 2007

Wine turns green

In a response to a growing consumer demand for eco-friendly products, DFV Wines is going green and repackaging there Bota Box wines. The new packaging for the 3 liter box wine is more environmentally-friendly wine a container that is made with 95% post consumer fiber and the box is recyclable. Also the print on the package is now done on unbleached Kraft paper, the ink used is water based versus petroleum based and the paper layers are held together with cornstarch instead of glue.

"DFV Wines are committed to the consumer. Bota Box is one of the ways to respond to wine drinkers that choose an eco-friendly package that is convenient as well," says Chris Indelicato, CEO & President. "Our family winery is dedicated to sustainable farming, smart winemaking, and responsible marketing and we believe that our new Bota Box is the right package at the right time."

Being a green company has become a hip thing to do however when the global community not only expects eco-friendly products but demand them, companies like DFV will be positioned as a pioneer and will be regarded as a market leader. Keep up the good work and I hope that more wine companies follow DFv's lead and find innovative ways to go green.

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