Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gift or Consumable

Being the holiday season, we get invited to many holiday celebrations, house parties and dinners. Since we usually bring at least one bottle of wine with us for the host, the question is should the bottle be considered a gift or something to be opened during the event?

The discussion began after a guest asked that the bottle of wine they had brought be opened so they could have a glass. Someone commented that this was rude because the wine was thought of as a gift however another person commented that the drinker may have not really liked what was already open and thought the wine would be opened anyway so why not have a glass right away.

I would say, if you want to bring the host a gift then either bring 2 bottles - 1 for the party and the other for the host - or inform the host when presenting the bottle that it is a gift to be opened at the host's discretion. Otherwise, all brought wine is fair game and as a distinguished wine drinker feel free to ask for what you want. Of course you could always try something new, which is my motto.

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