Thursday, December 13, 2007

Paris' Rich Prosecco

Paris Hilton is expanding her empire [perfume, jewelery, shoe collection, bag line, pop album and actress] and has launched a luxury sparkling wine in a can brand called RICH®. RICH® Prosecco is produced from a top quality white wine variety, the noble prosecco grape from the Treviso province, according to traditional methods and comes in three flavors:

RICH® Prosecco is distinguished by its fresh, sparkling, and delicate bouquet.
RICH® PASSION is flavoured winecontaining cocktail with passion fruit taste
RICH® ROYAL is flavoured winecontaining cocktail with strawberry and cassis fruit taste

Currently RICH® is available in Germany and will be launched in the US next year.

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Capital Drinks said...

Does anyone know when this Wine will be available in the UK?