Friday, January 11, 2008

Home Blending

Want to try something new this year? How about Home blending?

Wine blending allows for unique flavor profiles and combined tastes, while providing experimentation and fun. Here are some guidelines for blending wine:

1. Choosing wines. It is important to remember to purchase several wines that are as close to 100% as possible. It is also ideal for the wine to be made from grapes grown in the same region. Don't forget to use wines you really like for your mixing - two wrongs never make a right!

2. Tools. Regular glasses and measuring cups are just fine. You should have one glass for each different wine and at least one extra cup for blending. You will also need a pad for note-taking.

3. Start blending! Begin with equal ratios of each wine you are blending. Taste each different blend you create, taking notes as you go. Once you have a handle on the ratios and a sense of your preferences, blend accordingly.

4. Storage. Since all of this blended wine has been open to the air, you will want to consume is sooner rather than later. The best bet to to blend into a decanter and use for your next meal. Or you can bottle your concoction, top the creation off with a unique label and bring to your next dinner party.

5. Have Fun! And Enjoy the experience of being a home wine maker.

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