Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Home made" wine

Last night I opened a 2002 Cabernet / Merlot blend given to me as a Christmas gift. The wine was bottled 5 year's ago at IncrediBREW in Nashua, New Hampshire. IncrediBREW is a brewery and winery where customers use proven recipes, fresh ingredients, professional brewing equipment and our expertise to brew world class beer, make quality wine, super champagne or great old fashioned soda right at our store. A full Cabernet / Merlot batch costs $150 and yields 30-750ml bottles [750ml Green Bordeaux style bottles cost $1.25/each]. So including the bottle costs, your wine would be just $6.25 per bottle. The price also includes cork, shrink wrap and labels. And as wine goes, the 2002 Cabernet / Merlot blend was pretty tasty, especially given it only cost just over 6 bucks. I would recommend checking them out if you want to bottle your very own vintage.

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