Friday, January 18, 2008

Learn about beer at College? Naturally.

Starting this semester, the University of King’s College is offering a class entitled Brewing Science: The history, culture and science of beer. The course will be a seminar/lecture format and will also feature field trips to local breweries in the greater Halifax, Nova Scotia area. Additionally students have the opportunity for an extracurricular activity of brewing beer, replicating the conditions and equipment used to brew beer as it was done hundreds of years ago.

"It’s not just tilting the mug back," says Gordon McOuat, a professor at the University of King’s College. "Nobody’s going to come and drink beer, it’s going to be on their own time [that students would ever drink beer]" he said.

Even without imbibing, Mr. McOuat is excited about the course. "I’m going to fill their wee pint brains with all kinds of knowledge about the intersection of brewing and science and civilization."

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