Wednesday, January 9, 2008

More Solar Power In Napa

"Everything we do is in honor of our mother and grandmother, Flora, for whom the winery is named," said third-generation vintner and marketing and communications manager Sean Garvey. "She's a strong believer in being both a good steward of the land, and a good neighbor. Converting our red wine production facilities to solar power helps us to do both."

Flora Springs contracted with Integrated Power Corporation to install a total of 435 Sun Tech 170W solar panels on the hillside behind its stone winery. The panels take up approximately 6,500 square feet, and are mounted on a custom-designed structure that doubles as a storage and shade area. The panels will generate 100,000kW hours annually, which will cover all of the energy needed for Flora Springs' red wine production.

"Upgrading our practices at the winery with the solar energy is the next step in ensuring our winery is a viable business that resides harmoniously with the land and community where it exists," said Flora Springs president and co-founder John Komes.

I hope the green trend continues into 2008 because every sunny day that passes in Northern California, is another day of missed solar energy.

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