Friday, January 4, 2008

p.i.n.k is the new clear

The p.i.n.k. Spirit's Company has taken the popularity of mixing alcohol and a stimulant [like Vodka and Red Bull] and created a new type of vodka: 80 proof pure Vodka produced in Holland that is infused with both caffeine and extract from the Brazilian guarana plant. Their business approach is interesting and summed up perfectly in their vision statement: "We envision a world where just as people ask for regular or decaf coffee, people will ask for their cocktails the same way".

Their website not only offers information about the company and products but a great list of recipes [with pictures], events, press releases [including their latest announcement about expanding their work force] and some nice video of their very own mixologist, David Brogan [who specializes in creating one-of-a-kind cocktails].

What's next for the p.i.n.k brand? Tequila, Run, White [although I'm sure they will call it pink] Whiskey, Gin and Sake are all planned for the 12 months, so keep your eyes open for more p.i.n.k products in 2008!

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