Wednesday, March 21, 2007

CC Review Scale

Based on the Robert Parker post, it looks like the wine world may need a new rating system that is a little easier to understand and consume. Instead of a 100 point scale [which is really a 50 point scale from 50 to 100] how about a 10 point scale? Like Parker, the overall scale is broken-down into categories with maximum points in each category. Here is the point breakdown:

Color: 0 to 2 points [Clarity, Color, Depth and Viscosity]
Smell: 0 to 2 points [Appeal, Fruit Aroma, Bouquet]
Taste: 0 to 5 points [Sweetness, Tannin, Acidity, Body, Length, Balance]
Extra: 0 to 1 point [Packaging, Bottle, Label, Je-ne-sais-quoi]

This scale then can be used to rate wines from 0 to 10 [technically an 11 point scale] and give the end user, the consumer, an easier to use scale. This is the method that will be used for all wine reviews done here on the Corner. The nice thing about this simple scale is it can be applied to beer as well - reviews coming soon.

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