Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Coors Packaging

Coors Brewing is going to remind the marketplace of its cold positioning by [again] leaning on unique packaging in this years newest invention: The Coors Light Cold-Activated Bottle. The slick new packaging is centered about the product label which will still have their famous white lettering and Rocky Mountain icon however the new label will turn blue once the beer reaches optimal drinking temperature. As they roll out the advertising for there newest packaging feature, I'm sure they won't forget their past innovations like the frost brew liner and the Smooth Draft Vent can.

I love this new idea and think this is thinking even farther out-side-the-box than the cooler box released in 2005 and should make for more memorable advertising. AND should visually reinforce the cold brewing position every time one is served - Very Clever. The summer is coming and my first backyard BBQ will feature blue labeled Coors Light!

Update: Spoke with Coors Customer Relations and found out that the label turns begin to turn blue at 48 degrees fahrenheit, at 43 degrees and below it is at it's full blueness and will return to the white label at 51 degrees. The Coors Light product is shipping now so you should start to see the newly labeled bottles on your local store shelves any day now. The Coors Original updated packaging will ship closer to the summer.

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