Friday, April 6, 2007

American Brew

Here's To Beer has produced a 60 minute documentary called American Brew which will debut this weekend on A&E. Set yout DVR's for Saturday, April 07 @ 10pm/9C [rerun on Sunday, April 08 @ 2am/1C ] to catch this hour long journey through the rich history of american beer. Here is the synopsis from the A&E website:

Since the first settlers arrived, beer has been a necessity, drunk by men, women and children. The first settlers asked King James to send over two brewers; the Mayflower landed on Plymouth Rock because the crew was running out of beer. This special takes a delightful beer trip through American history. Watch beer brewed in the colonial manner in a fireplace in Colonial Williamsburg; see it being home-brewed in the Bronx; and a craft brewer creates a Jasmine IPA in Seattle. We also trace the 1970s emergence of craft brewing in California.
This is appropriately being shown for the first time on Brew Years Eve and is available for purchase from the HTB website. Cheers.

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