Sunday, April 22, 2007

Going Green for the Earth

Fetzer Vineyards has been thinking about the environment since the late 80's and continue to be an industry leader that we can all learn from. Here is a partial list of things they have done to help the environment:

  • buy 100% Green Power
  • reduced waste to landfill by 94% since 1990
  • bottles are made from 40% recycled glass and case boxes are produced from 100% post consumer waste
  • buy corks direct from the source in Portugal and ship them in large containers, thereby eliminating packaging
  • created large composting program that incorporates all of the stems and seeds from the
    winery's crushed grapes
  • uses 100% recycled, or post-consumer recycled, paper for all company letterhead, business cards, company newsletter, press releases, toilet paper and paper
  • uses "earth-friendly" soaps and detergents at the Valley Oaks Center
  • company-wide recycling centers for all bottles, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, FAX
    paper, computer paper, antifreeze, waste oil, fluorescent tubes and glass
  • new 10,000 square foot administration building in Hopland is one of the world's first large-scale uses of rammed-earth construction and features recycled doors and timber
  • building also uses photovoltaic panels, supplying 75% of the building's electricity
  • creates a triple bottom line: along with economic considerations, impact of any business decision upon the employees and the environment is fully evaluated
On this Earth Day, take some notes from Fetzer and find some little way to help the environment - it's the only one we have.

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