Monday, April 23, 2007

Cellarmandirect Beer

Bob Hogg, a former Scottish & Newcastle and Glenmorangie sales manager, and David Arthur, who also worked at Glenmorangie, have signed up nine UK brewers and cider makers to provide drinks for their venture, Cellarmandirect. The pair started trialing the home delivery service with a website which launched in February and initial indications suggest a large potential market among beer drinkers who are looking for something different to the usual supermarket fare.

Cellarmandirect's beer is sold in nine pint barrels which cost from around £20, making it competitive with premium beer in off licenses. The company has a distribution agreement with Amtrak, the courier company, which will collect the beer and cider and deliver it to addresses across the UK.

I would love to see, if this model is successful, a US version of cellarman bringing minicasks to the American marketplace.

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