Friday, April 27, 2007

Kings Hill gets crafty

"All wine made at Kings Hill Cellars is the property of its Members – no wine is for sale." This is a statement on the Kings Hill Cellars website and it accurately describes their business philosophy. Kings Hill opened their Santa Rosa winery where a wine devotee can create their own wines with the help of on-site wine professionals. This new business model will allow their members to experience the entire wine making process from sorting, destemming, crushing the fruit to blending and bottling the wine. They even have an in-house graphic artist to help design your very own private label or bottle etching. Kings Hill sources most of its fruit from vineyards such as Mountain View Ranch, Herbert's Vineyard, Fowler Vineyards, Le Vois Vineyard, Trew Vineyard and Volckhardt Vineyard.

2007 membership fees for a full barrel are:
Pinot Noir - $5950Other Reds - $5450Sauvignon Blanc - $4450
Note: Current sources for red include Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. Plenty of red blend options exist with those three varietals.
A full 60 gallon barrel will produce roughly 22 cases of wine so the average cost per bottle of Pinot Noir would be $22.54 which is pretty good for a fine wine. Plus Kings Hill will store your wine for up to 2 years in their constant-temperature case storage. That would come in handy if you don't have room for all 264 bottles a full barrel produces.

It is every wine lovers dream to watch their guest enjoy a bottle or two of their own creation and with Kings Hill Cellars new business model, it is now a reality.

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