Thursday, April 5, 2007

Wine That Loves food

Most of us have a modest amount of wine on hand and at dinner time we select a wine that matches the meal being severed. Most of the time, the pair match well and the wine enhances the food however there is that rare occasion that the wine selector has a momentary lapse in judgment and the wine chosen is good [and hopefully the food is too] but it's just not a great match. Well the folks at the San Francisco-based Amazing Food Wine Company have created a new brand to resolve this very issue and created a completely new way to organize your wine. Their new brand, called Wine That Loves, is packaged based on the food it is to be consumed with instead of the traditional region or grape varietals. There current flight of wines are:

Wine That Loves™ Pasta with Tomato Sauce
Wine That Loves™ Roasted Chicken
Wine That Loves™ Pizza
Wine That Loves™ Grilled Steak
Wine That Loves™ Grilled Salmon

Their bottles do not list a vintage or grape verity but rather the back label contains a simple and intuitive mini food pairing/tasting notes. The concept should help the new wine drinker become more comfortable with the primary question that faces all of who have not tried a specific wine - What will this taste like [and what foods will it go with]? I think this is a very intuitive approach and I look forward to getting a chance to review a few of these wines - with and without the appointed food.

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