Monday, June 18, 2007

Coneheads, start wining

Dan Aykroyd has teamed up with Diamond Estates and Wines & Spirits to announce a $12-million Dan Aykroyd Winery set to open next fall. The Dan Aykroyd Winery, which will showcase souvenirs from the actor's 30-year career, will be located near the town of Lincoln, Ontario, in the heart of the province's vineyards. Aykroyd is planning to release a signature reserve series of super-premium wine offerings and a discover series of mid-priced wines. The winery will feature technologies like solar panels and green-friendly wastewater management systems.

Here at the Corner, we have a few suggested names for Aykroyd's new brand:

  • Aykroyd's "Live from Niagara, It's Saturday Night" Merlot

  • Beldar Conehead's Chardonnay

  • Elwood Blues' Bubbly Sparkling White Wine

  • Ghostbusters Grenache

  • Trading Places Pinot

  • Zalinsky's Working Man Zinfandel

Of course the clearance on the rights to those names might take longer than the year it will take to build the new winery however anyway you name the new wines, this will add a lot of tourist interest into this wine region and should help bolster their local economy. Now if they can make some good wine...

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