Friday, June 15, 2007

For the new couple who has everything

So you have a wedding to go to and you want to give something special, thoughtful, a gift that will stand out and be remembered for years to come? Here is an idea - a personal handcrafted wine basket filled with your favorite wine and food pairings plus a few trinkets to get them started.

Start with a beautiful basket that has a handle. Stuff it with natural color filler and choose four to five bottles of your favorite wines plus your favorite wine bottle opener, maybe the Sideways DVD and some fun fact on wine cards. Two to three bottles of wine should be ready to drink and depending on the season when the wedding occurs you might select picnic whites or fireplace reds. The piece de resistance of the gift is the 1 and 5 year bottles. For their one year anniversary, try a bottle of Sparkling Wine or Champagne and for their fifth anniversary, maybe a big bold Cabernet Sauvignon that will be aged to perfection by then. Both of these bottles will be remembered long after their wedding day.

Next, attach your favorite recipe on a 3x5 index card that compliments each wine chosen. My favorite is for chocolate covered strawberries with the Sparkling Wine on their one year anniversary. This will surely be a hit! Try shrimp, Tai or a family secret chicken recipe for the whites. For the reds try a beef, Italian or moussaka recipe.

Last but not least, buy some shrink wrap to cover your creation. Use a hot blow-dryer to shrink the paper and top if off with a bow, preferably in the bridesmaid’s colors. Be creative and find good wine and food pairings that the bride and groom will enjoy cooking as a brand new married couple. The personal handcrafted wine basket is the gift that keeps on giving.

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