Thursday, June 21, 2007

Heineken Slim

Heineken Premium Light is now available in a slim can designed to convey elegance, differentiate it from Heineken lager and other beers and make it possible to drink in more places, [Previously Premium Light was available only in a bottle.]

"Particularly in the summer months, beer drinkers look for ways to enjoy their favorite beverages in outdoor locations that may not allow glass packaging," Heineken brand director Andy Glaser said in a statement. "The new … can now enables them to enjoy a light beer with Heineken’s image and cachet, no matter what the setting."

A new TV spot will premier this week, followed by aggressive advertising leading up to the Fourth of July weekend. The “Irresistible” campaign will include full-page ads in USA Today, inserts in men’s magazines and spots on key Web sites.

The new slim can is a nice change for the Dutch brewer and should be a good summer selection for those BBQer's who are looking for something different to have this summer.

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