Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wine Bottle Dating?

In the movies, two people might meet by both reaching for the same last bottle of their favorite Merlot and instantly fall in love. In the real world it's not quite that simple but a French company is trying to be that magical bottle of wine.

France's Omnivins wine company and Imaginform technology firm have worked together to create Soif de Coeur (A Thirst for Romance) wine and dating service. The Soif de Coeur label bottles rosé, red or white wine that contain a unique code in their labels that you tap into the Web site in the hope of finding your perfect match. The French wine, in bottles in girly pink or boy blue, is on sale in supermarkets around France, Belgium and Switzerland and the producers are hoping to sell in Japan and Russia soon.

A bottle, priced at around 3 euros ($4.02), will buy you one introduction. You type in your age, sex and which sex you would like to meet and the company will link you up with someone who also bought a bottle of "Soif de Coeur" wine. Most of those who have logged on to the website are women aged between 30 and 40. Since it was launched in France in March, 400,000 bottles have been sold and Imaginform says it knows of some people who have met up and exchanged phone numbers because of the site.

So run out to your local store and reach for that last bottle of Soif de Coeur, you might just find your soul mate in the process.

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