Monday, July 2, 2007

Tennesseans must have ID

Starting today, Tennessee will be the first state to require vendors to check identification for every customer buying beer to be consumed out-of-store — regardless of their apparent age. This requirement is part of the Tennessee Responsible Vendors Act of 2006 and was created to curb underage drinking, according to a news release by the Tennessee Grocers and Convenience Stores Association. The act doesn't affect sales of liquor in restaurants or bars nor does it affect sales of wine or liquor in package stores.

"I think the most positive effect is that it will help prevent underage drinking or at least underage purchase of alcoholic beverages," said William Beach, owner of Beach Oil Company, which has several convenience stores in the area. Beach went on to say "It will be a lot easier for our clerks to card everyone instead of just having to card those who they think may be underage."

In principle, we agree with the new Tennessee law but at some point common sense would say that when 66 years old Comer Wilson, who has a long white beard, has to show his ID to buy beer that the laws maybe a bit over the top. But they are on the right track.

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