Thursday, July 26, 2007

Wisconsin loves it's beer

Wisconsin law makers have shown their love for beer or more specifically the beer industry. Wisconsin has a long brew history dating back to the state’s German settlers and was home to some 400 breweries in the 1800s. That number is down to roughly 40 brewers however the state is still home to the Miller Brewing company and at one time Milwaukee, often called the “Brew City,” once was home to Blatz, Schlitz and Pabst breweries.

The state law makers have continued to support this beer industry by passing very pro-brewer laws including:

  • allowing bars to remain open at the end of day light savings time
  • ability for free beer samples at grocery stores
  • not passing a 0.6 cents to 3 cents per bottle tax increase

The latest issue in front of state law makers is a bill placing new limits on how much beer they could produce and sell on smaller brewers. After two very public demonstrations including a Boston Tea Party-style protest at the shores of the Milwaukee River, bill’s author Sen. Fred Risser has tabled the proposal so he can work out a compromise. Wisconsin's love for their beer is as strong as it was back in the 1800s.

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