Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wine + Wiki = ???

Nicolas Ritoux and Evan Prodromou [one of the founders of Wikitravel] have created a new website called Vinismo which where wine knowledge and information meets web 2.0. Using a wiki style of user generated content, Vinismo is intended to be the online wine guide written and edited by everyone for everyone.

Currently the site is a shell of topics ranging from regions and grape varetitals to wine reviews and other sorted projects. However one can see where this site is going and I think, in time, this will be a valuable resource for those seeking wine knowledge. One thing I particually like is the concept of Plunging Forward. In Vinismo's world this is defined as being assertive, experimenting, doing what's OK right now and ignoring authority. Now there's an invitation to play with their new toy so go ahead, plunge forward - You just might enjoy it!


Evan Prodromou said...

wine + wiki = awesome!

Thanks for the note about "plunging forward". Indeed, this kind of project depends entirely on a feeling of ownership by the Internet wine community. It's not a passive-style site; it really depends on people taking it as their own -- introducing their ideas and making it happen.

We started the site because we thought that having an objective Open content guide to every wine and every wine maker in the world would be useful to the Internet wine community.

I hope to see you and your readers on the site!

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