Monday, March 26, 2007

Screw caps gaining acceptance

The Portland Business Journal conducted a business pulse survey trying to determine if screw caps are gaining acceptance. Specifically they asked if a cork an essential part of the fine wine experience. Here are the available answers with the percentage of respondents:

50% - Who cares how the bottle's closed as long as the wine is good
26% - Without a cork it's just not the same
12% - I've got better things to worry about
10% - Screw caps are OK for cheap stuff, but I want a cork with the good stuff

[Apparently 2% choose not to answer]

If you separate the results into two groups you would see that only 26% have a really strong distaste for screw caps while the remaining 74% accept them or are mostly indifferent on the subject. Someday maybe we'll be asking if we should bring back the cork for nostalgic reasons.

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